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Stepper Drivers

Stepper Drivers

The VID66 series IC driver is a monolithic CMOS device used as an interface circuit to facilitate the use of the VID29 stepper motor. It is specifically designed for applications in car dashboards. The VID66-06 driver allows you to drive four motors with four identical drivers on the same chip, while the VID66-08 version drives 2 motors


  • Generates micro steps.
  • Glitch filters on all inputs.
  • VDD = 4.5 to 5.5V.
  • Low EMI emission.


  • Analogue Instrumentation
  • Car dashboard Nautical instrumentation
  • Nautical instrumentation
  • Aeronautical instrumentation
  • Micro robotics
  • Appliance controls
  • Devices for medical analysis

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