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VID60 Series

The VID60 car clock motor with zero detection (or say 12 o’clock detection) is an upgraded version based on VID69 car clock motor. Zero detection function adopted opto-mechanical system and electronics signal management. An opto-mechanical system detect the physical positioning of clock hands. An electronics signal management, the software, manage the positioning algorithm to synchronize the analog display time to the real time.


  • Zero Detection function (built in OSRAM LPT80A IR receiver)
  • Wide working voltage: 5~10V.
  • Low current consumption: 18mA, 5V, 2X90mW
  • Driving Peak current 18 mA @5V (during non - zero detection state)
  • Directly driven by a μ-controller.
  • Large static torque.
  • Qualified for automotive applications.  
  • Working temperature range -40 oC ~ 105oC
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